Glamorous young lady being happy with her purchase

Buying a car in Singapore can be a stress-inducing affair as cars are very expensive in the country. One of the cheapest ways to own a car in Singapore is to seek out reliable second-hand cars that are nearing the end of their first 10 years COE term and renew their COE for another 10 […]

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Happy couple receive a car key

Purchasing a car in Singapore is fast becoming an uphill task. Yet with such purchase turning from an essential to a form of luxury, we count ourselves lucky here to have an extensive and reliable public transportation network to be able to travel from place to place easily. However, having a car would be still […]

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a toy car on the hand with the keys hanging the finger

Besides a house, a car can be considered as one of the few prized possessions owned by a typical Singaporean. A car is a machine of convenience that can bring us from place to place. Yet, with its skyrocketing price, it is becoming harder for Singaporeans to purchase a brand-new car. Hence, many have considered […]

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